Bridging engineering and sustainable development is important work for all of us. The improved E4C website further enables our community to:

Engineering for Change has a bold mission —to prepare, educate, and activate the international technical workforce to improve the quality of life of people and the planet. Since our founding in 2009, we have grown our worldwide membership to more than 55,000, have hosted nearly 300 Fellows, and partnered with more than 90 forward-looking organizations. However, our site needed to evolve along with the community.

We listened to your feedback in our survey. We conducted interviews to dive deeper. We engaged key stakeholders in a year-long, global effort to augment our website. Welcome to our enhanced digital platform! We built it to help you acquire and share knowledge, collaborate and build networks, take meaningful action, and inspire change.

Engineers, scientists, technologists, and architects around the world are making remarkable contributions to sustainable development. This platform was designed to support these efforts by providing an enhanced experience for sharing transformative research, innovation, ideas, and connecting with like-minded individuals. You’ll discover familiar features such as News and Insights, Webinars, and the Solutions Library. Additionally, we’ve introduced features like a community forum for direct knowledge exchange and re-designed user engagement functions to encourage networking and collaboration among members.

The E4C platform was improved to enhance your experience. Whether you are a contributing community member, or partner in an advisory service, the updates enable us to support your changing needs by:

  1. Building a future-ready infrastructure
  2. Creating a better user experience
  3. Allowing more efficient delivery and scalable management

In true engineering spirit, this journey has just begun.

We welcome your input as we continuously improve our digital platform in the dynamics of the real world. Please report any issueshere. More importantly, we welcome you to work with us as we create a dynamic community space that meets our community needs, now and in the future. Join us in our renewed mission to serve you, the changemakers.

Together, we’re a stronger and more connected community.

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