Electricity Markets and Policy

This project will model current supply chain models for electrical distribution equipment and propose alternative strategies to enhance, repair, refurbishment, recycle, and the overall circularity of components such as electrical transformers, meters, breakers, inverters, switchgear, and similar equipment that doesn’t have a mature recycling market (such as lead acid batteries). The proposed circular economy model, which emphasizes a “make- use- reuse- refurbish- recycle” approach, has emerged as an alternative to the standard “take-use-waste” approach of the linear economy. The circular economy can better manage resource scarcity, reduce supply chain disruptions, mitigate inventory risk from severe weather events and climate change, increase overall asset availability to accelerate energy access and urbanization, and support sustainable economic development. Work will focus on supply chain considerations and financial analysis, and be complemented by modest amounts of technical and policy analysis. Potential regions of focus include Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and the Asia-Pacific.

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